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virtual swim trainer

ACHIEVE bigger goals stroke by stroke

Virtual Swim Trainer Tutorials

Virtual Swim Trainer Tutorials

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Patented US/Worldwide technology helps swimmers visually understand if they are on pace with the time programmed or if they are going too slow or too fast.


The Virtual Swim Trainer is one continuous LED strip that is sealed in a silicon casing to protect it from the harsh pool environment, it is not made up of multiple sections that are connected end to end that could lead to exposure and damage to the system.

The Virtual Swim Trainer can pace up to 6 swimmers within the same lane for 25 m/yd (each with a different color), 12 swimmers within the same lane for 50 m and up to 8 lanes at the same time. The system is portable and takes within 5 minutes or less to setup.

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One of the main reasons I got the VST ONE is because my son could not break 26 seconds in the 50 meters and 1:00 minute in the 100 meters. Well, he only used it twice thus far and this weekend he swam 25.31 in the 50 (24.88 in the relay) and 57.71 in the 100! He said he pretended that he was chasing the light!

Lorna Dawn, son trains with the VST ONE

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